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Марк Шоссе

Имя: Марк Шоссе (Mark Chaussee)
Роль в группе: концертный гитарист
Период участия: 2004 — 2005


Марк Шоссе присоединился к Marilyn Manson в 2004 году в качестве гитариста в турне. До этого он был отмечен в работе с такими коллективами, как Jimmy Coup, Stereomud, Danzig, Fight, The Coup de Grace и World of Hurt.

2D Computer Aided Design Level 3 Award Course Details

Download the Course Information Sheet

This qualification builds on level 2 and is tailored for more advanced CAD users still operating in the 2D drawing environment. This will be achieved by the use of an industrially recognised computer aided drawing package AutoCAD.

What will I Study?This is a practical «hands on» course ensuring regular contact with the software. The unit offered is 301 and includes: 1)Use a layering system and different line type styles. 2)Define and use a system for grouping objects to form blocks or libraries. 3)Produce isometric drawings within the 2D environment. 4)Define and use an adjustable co ordinate system based on user requirements. 5)Use complex dimensioning routines. 6)Use different drawing spaces. 7)Produce hard copies of drawings. 8)Make inquiries of an existing drawing and place reference points. 9)Use a means of pre command object selection in order to carry out editing 10)Change the properties of a number of drawn entities. 11)Edit blocks/symbols and hatched areas. 12)Modify continuous lines formed by a connected sequence of lines or arcs (polylines). Use a method to remove unused items and rename other items logically.

How will I be Taught?Learning will be via classroom exercises, lectures and tutorials as well as a self study work pack which enables students to work at their own pace both inside and outside of the classroom.

How will I be Assessed?Your competence will be assessed by two practical assignments and a multiple choice test The Centre administers the assessments and you can take them at any time that the tutor considers appropriate. The prices shown are for home students only. Fee information for international students is available in the International section.

Where the course is for more than one year, the price shown is for the first year only (except for NVQs) and prices for subsequent years will be published when available.

Students who are under 19 on 31st August in the academic year in which they start their course, will be exempt from tuition fees on the majority of courses.

Students aged 24 or over undertaking a course at Level 3 or above may have to pay a higher fee based on Government funding regulations. Please contact Admissions on 01243 786321 for confirmation.

The College reserves the right to withdraw courses, limit recruitment and where necessary make significant changes to fees payable dependent on the number of students enrolled for a course or due to changes in legislation.Articles Connexes: