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Фред Саблан

Имя: Фред Саблан (Fred Sablan)
Период участия: 2011 — настоящее время

Дата рождения: 28 апреля 1970 года
Место рождения: Санта Клара (Santa Clara), Калифорния


Саблан присоединился к Marilyn Manson в 2010 году.

Музыкант также был отмечен, как концертный бас-гитарист Goon Moon, в состав которого также входит Твигги Рамирез, в группах Butcher Holler и Crack, и задействован в собственном проекте Birthday Twin.


Мэнсон изобразил Саблана в виде человека-дерева на одной из своих акварелей.

Plan B Burger Opens in Stamford

The B’s in B Burger are Burgers, Bourbon, and Beer. And a far more high end burger.

Reclaimed wood walls. Blown glass lights. High tin celings. Meat hook lamps. A wrap around bar, brimming with beer and booze. Plan B transports an old fashioned American saloon into the 21st Century. Walk in and you know some two fisted eatin’ and drinkin’ could happen here. All that’s missing are sarsaparilla and swinging doors.

Burgers. Over 2,000 pounds of fresh, never frozen meat is ground and blended on the premises every day. The beef qualaifies as Verified Humane which means that animals are fed and treated the old fashioned way when hormones and antibiotics had no place on the American ranch or grazing field.

Over 20 hamburger variations are featured, even a veggie burger (Ok, maybe we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto), The choices are certainly «upscale» from the Baja with fresh avocado and Jalapenos to the «Squealer,» a blend of pork and beef, augmented with bacon and pickles. Prices range from 9.99 for the classic House burger to the New Englander with its lobster, smoked gouda and caramelized onion at 14.70. Upgrade to a pretzel roll for 59 cents. (There’s a warning on the menu about the dangers of rare meat, and the grill guys refuse to go any rawer than dark pink.)

Beer. Belly up to the Mahogany bar and you’ll spot chalk boards that list the extensive variety of hand selected regional and craft beers on draft. Also on tap: certified Cicerones (beer sommeliers) who guide and advise. That right, beer sommeliers, Cowboy.

Bourbon. The classic American barrel aged distilled spirit. Plan B is lined with 156 bottles of Maker Mark Bourbon, replete with its iconic dripping wax. But connoisseurs can sip any of Kentucky’s best. Plus there’s even a bourbon sauce for the burgers.

(Bourbon in one hand, bourbon burger in the other, that the epitome of Plan B two fisted eating and drinking).

But there more than bourbon poured here. The bartenders serve a full arsenal of spirits, domestic and exotic.

The menu also offers a variety of appetizers, salads and entrees including lobster sliders, beef Wellington,. Portabella and truffle fries, and horseradish salmon.Articles Connexes: