Момсен про Мэнсона

Февраль 26, 2012

В интервью The Daily Blam солистка группы The Pretty Reckless, которая, как недавно стало известно, будет открывать американские концерты Мэнсона этой весной, рассказала, что долгое время была его фэном, она счастлива не только отправиться с ним в тур как музыкант, но и просто смотреть его выступления каждый вечер.

Вот оригинальная цитата из этого интервью:

Taylor: I’m so excited. I’m such a fan of Manson’s and I’ve been a fan forever. I’m really excited to open for him and just…to see his show every night.

Keven: Are you worried at all that some of his more hardcore fans might be a bit apprehensive of The Pretty Reckless and their vibe?

Taylor: We don’t really think about it that way… We just toured with Evanescence, Guns N’ Roses and we held our own. We just put on the best show we can and if people like us, awesome — if they don’t, I can’t really do anything about that. It’s not my problem [laughing].

Keven: Do you feel like the band needs to adapt to a darker tone for this Manson crowd or will there be success in doing your own thing?

Taylor: No, we are what we are and he is what he is. We’re different bands and I think that’s the best way to tour. You gotta have your own thing, be original and hopefully people will like it.



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